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“It seems that a respect for quality objects in general, and handmade heirloom quality furniture in specific, continues to heighten. I hope this is true, along with the notion that sustainability becomes part of culture and the respect for natural materials that results is genuine, and not fleeting or fashion alone.” – AR on Plastolux

Adam Rogers is a furniture maker based in Portland, Maine. Seeking the personal rather than the corporate, and being trained as a woodworker with a passion for craftsmanship he made the switch from architecture to furniture in his work. This shift in scale allows him to concentrate on the less in number but more significant in magnitude decisions that go into making a piece. The outcome is a modern classic look that is rarely achieved, where subtlety is amplified in the details. The concentration on the small things in his pieces makes the understated elegance of the finished object artful with a clear penchant and respect for the craft.

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