furniture: john houshmand

“Unique logs are hard to find, hard to acquire responsibly, hard to take down, hard to truck, and generally a serious logistical challenge. But when the wood Santa arrives, it is so very worth it” – JH Blog

John Houshmand is a self proclaimed mix of east and west and is a joy to listen to.  His passion mixes functional with dreaming, where his kind of dreaming is out loud and in doing it all: designing, making, fabricating, experimenting, philosophizing with my creations, reaffirming our birthright to “do what you love.” There are serious moralistic tones expressed here, but an understated originality from a childhood making and understanding that simplicity can be better: if you wanted a toy…you made it…a machete and a chunk of wood became that boat. Elemental and sincere. The wood has the same honesty – we allow grains to spill; we love crumbling bark; we welcome wormholes – and he represents an extremely successful version of one’s own truth.

latest line of furniture with Simplamente Madera:

Showrooms: NYC & West Hollywood, California

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