accesories: peg and awl

wood accessories by peg and awl

“Our work is made from olde things, treasures found and recovered from misfortune and neglect, relics of the unusual, the confused and the macabre, cut and pulled and bound into wearable curiosities, keepsakes and usable treasures.” – WK

Peg and Awl deal in treasures made using reclaimed materials laying bare marks of the wood’s past life from burn holes to bug holes, nails & saw blades. Earthy and homely there is a sweet vintage and authenticity about their brand, and an originality to their design. A combination of husband and wife Walter & Margaux Kent, we love seeing families with children able to pursue their creative vision and it’s warming to see the blossoming of a bottom up approach. It’s hard to think of another accessory maker that appears to have come so far in such a short space of time with a tremendously increased product line, a newly finished studio for production and stockists in various cities, including BDDW in NY. Very impressive.



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