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“I feel the core of the problem lies in our fundamental disconnection form the living world that sustains us” – Jim Cutler, 2003

Founded in 1977 in Washington State, Cutler Anderson Architects have a wealth of experience and place sustainability at the heart of their design process.  There are a number of great buildings in their portfolio and any light viewing of their work reveals an overwhelming sense of their philosophy – to reveal the nature of every circumstance and capture a sense of place via a careful selection of materials.  For Jim Cutler any craft that will serve us into the future should seek to capture a connection to our world, seeking to transcend the physical by reinforcing an emotional recognition of the gift of the real world. Found in the many beautiful transitions between inside and outside places or in their architectural translation of the Pacific North West, their work elegantly enhances it’s natural environment. They have books written on them and have more awards on a per architect basis than anyone in the US. Simply stunning.

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