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“His legacy lies not in establishing a style, his designs were too unique, but in pioneering the way for successive generations of artists working in wood to exhibit and market their original, non-traditional designs.” – WE Museum

Along with Nakashima and Maloof, Wharton Esherick makes up the three most esteemed wood artists/craftsmen of the modern era. Esherick spent much of his career in isolation, a lone artisan pursuing his own vision of high-art craftsmanship during a period when hand craftsmanship was generally held in low regard by American culturelevins. But his important work aided in the establishment of the studio furniture movement and high value attributed to hand-craftsmanship in wood. Originally a painter, he eventually moved into woodworking, starting a 40 year modelling of the home that has now become a museum in Valley Forge Mountain, Pennsylvania. Obsessed with curves as anyone can make a straight line, Esherick sculpted living environments for himself and clients that blurred the lines between art, craft, sculpture, furniture, function & form.

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