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“Thankfully green-washing seems to be dying down a bit, if you want to build something green, build it out of wood and construct it to last a lifetime…nothing is more green than quality.” – Shawn Place (Interview with Plastolux)

I’m going to agree with Grace at Design Sponge that when it’s time to pitch away the old, they should be replaced by fewer nicer pieces for the home, like those that are beautifully crafted in Northern British Columbia by Shawn Place Designs.  This small company creates all their pieces by hand with the goal of bringing back beautiful craftsmanship – which I could not agree more with!  Shawn Place grew up in Ontario doing some woodworking, he got inspired when he saw his first piece of Danish Modern furniture at Inform Interiors, Vancouver, CA – which is also where I go to get inspired!  Shawn is self-taught, putting his head down to sketch furniture instead of bicycle breaks, he’s addicted to learning new things and is obviously a perfectionist!  Once he started drawing, designing and creating he got so good Inform was his first dealer! If that’s not inspiring I don’t know what is?



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