furniture: matthieu leblanc [in shop]

Sustainable Wood Furniture by Matt Leblanc

“Taking my time, I inched my way along the rocks with about 125 pounds on my back until I made it over the last beach logs and to my truck.” – on salvaging an arbutus stump, ML website

Matthieu Leblanc’s “reclaimed wood creations” are driven by a combination of salvage and art, creating his own providence and honesty in his pieces. Initially chosen due to the lack of finance or storage, eventually salvaged wood came to be integral to his process. Donated, salvaged and beach combed; one of the greatest things on his website are stories of treks into the forest returning with driftwood that became an ottoman, or recycling a stool from the garbage with a fallen douglas fir. This connection to wood, along with meticulous craftsmanship define the pieces; another great BC designer from who exhibited at IDS west.



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