architects: tezuka – ring around a tree

sustainable wood architecture by tezuka architects

“They (the young) should try to find answers in themselves. These days everyone is trying to do the same things, wavy roofs and shiny surfaces. Maybe they will find answers in their own lifestyle.”

The Ring Around a Tree is a playful ode to childhood by Tokyo based Tezuka Architects. Built on a revisit to their own Fuji kindergarten, a building recognized by the OECD as the most outstanding example of design in an education facility in the world, the ring encircles an old Japanese Zelkova, protecting and celebrating a tree of local significance that once died and made a full recovery. The full story was released by Italian architecture magazine Domus. The design encompasses teaching spaces, small child height tree house type play spaces, and the deliberate absence of anything that would restrict movement so that the circle continually flows and invites play – an inspiring platform for generations of children to learn and enjoy. This ability to understand children comes form their own experiences, wonderfully captured by designboom.


Structure Engineer: Ohno Japan Co.
Photographer: Katsuhisa Kida
Lighting Designer: Masahide Kakudate Lighting Architect & Associates


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