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sustainable wood buildings by stadhaus

“There are very few certainties in the world. However, here are two that you may depend upon. In the future there will be more bicycles and more buildings made of cross-laminated timber” – KLH

Stadhaus claims to be the world’s tallest modern residential building designed & constructed using wood. According to KLH, the manufacturers of cross-laminated timber used in construction, this is only the start of the technologies use. The benefits of carbon offset through the replacement of concrete with wood is huge – and this type of building is pushing the boundaries of modern technology. Built by Waugh Thistleton at Murray Grove in London, its nine stories made it the tallest timber building in the world at the time of building. The building not only achieves environmental feets of construction, the 29 apartments within were sold out extremely quickly, largely due to its social benefits, proving its financially viability and commercial potential. As the tallest building in the world however, it will soon be eclipsed by the newest project of CREE, more on that later…

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