furniture: j. rusten furniture studio

sustainable wood furniture by J Rusten furniture studio

“I’m most satisfied in making a thing that is composed of wood – a thing that is used, admired, and rendered more valuable with the character of it’s age and history of service.

With a mandate that includes advancing the craft and being compelling the furniture studio of Jared Rusten sets the bar high. Based in the Mission District of San Francisco his designs are artistic and original – like a hand carved live edge table in the shape of California, and with names like Cupertino, Los Altos & Palo Alto there is a home based honesty combined with a mid century aesthetic in his work. It’s always satisfying to find those who’ve invested a piece of their soul in woodworking, and Jared perceives wood as a plentiful gemstone that deserves craft, skill and honor – sustainability in sourcing goes without saying. There’s something artistic, refined and striking about the whole presentation that binds the timelessness in the philosophy and aesthetic here.



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