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sustainable wood rings by simply wood rings

“Rather than imbedding the idea of forever into these sacred objects, which symbolize a lifelong connection between two people, these rings create an awareness of the present. They symbolize the love between two people, a love that requires a nurturing consciousness. Beyond even that love, they represent a fragile life on this Earth that is precious, but not everlasting”

We like wood jewelry. Ever since our travels when we carved rings out of local nuts in the Bolivian jungle we’ve come to enjoy the different connection natural materials bring when you put them on your body. It’s this connection that remains paramount in the work of Simply Wood Rings, a studio based in Chicago. Created by Gustav Reyes, who after learning the craft of woodworking took a break as he felt it’s traditions were too stifling – as a woodworker you are told the world is flat he says. Finding solace in marriage and his family it was his wife who helped form the ideas for the rings, allowing him to learn the world was actually round. The company uses materials salvaged, found or given directly by their clients – for example from a violin, baseball bat, even going so far as to inlay garbage for a marine biologist who studied the effects of trash on marine life. These rings are rich with stories, connecting people not only to nature but to time and place.



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