furniture: kasper hamacher

sustainable wood design by kasper hamacher

“There is a clearly perceptible difference between the purely natural and the technological product. Some things, such as the warmth of the wood, the smell and feel of leather, the individual elements and so on are impossible to reproduce”

Kasper Hamacher is a designer from Belgium who describes himself in 6 words – Loves wood and his chain saw. More revealing is his talk on TED about the components running through his designs – simplicity, balance and fragility. His ‘Ausgebrannt’ stools for example, slowly and perceptively captured in the feature video, use the elements during their creation; earth, air, fire & water. Having traveled far in Europe and created a lot of interest, they are a tangible demonstration of the desire for a connection and soul in the functional objects we use. Going back to his roots, taking inspiration from the forest and ensuring a functional outcome his designs manage to capture a piece of himself to give them an added human dimension.



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