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sustainable wood buildings by snohetta

“National, Cultural and Mythical landscapes form the basis of the architectural idea” – Snohetta website

Tverrfjellhytta is the vision of Snohetta architects in Norway as a simple, 75 square meter shelter for visiting groups to the Dovre mountain plateau, around 4 hours north of Oslo. The Arch Daily Cultural Building of the Year for 2011, it contrasts a rigid outer shell able to withstand the harsh environmental conditions with a more organic interior shaped from wood, suggestive of a naturally eroded and windswept cave – a reflection of the necessities of survival in this region. Built from local materials, the wood was created from pine timber beams using 3D models to drive giant milling machines by local firm shipbuilders. That such attention was paid to such a simple space is a tribute to the significance of the place in the Norwegian psyche and the building offers breathtaking, unobstructed views of the mountain range along a glass walled northern elevation providing real respite and inviting pause in a barren land that has been inhabited by man for the past 6000 years.

Credit for picutres 2,3,6,8 to Ketil Jacobsen

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