buildings: bc ferries departure bay terminal

sustainabe wood design

“It utilizes the very best innovative design in engineered wood to symbolically bring together the meeting of the forest and the sea.”RJC engineers

The BC ferries Departure Bay Terminal by Clive Grout Architects has been awarded locally for its innovative wood design. Used extensively in a structure dominated by the featured floating roof, the building connects ocean to forest & traveler to land. Designed with sustainability as a requisite – innovative structural systems, natural day lighting, a sophisticated Sea Loop heat exchange system and a radiant heat floor slab – as well as being able to withstand the wet and windy climate of the lower mainland, it achieved a LEED silver rating and sets a new standard for buildings of this ilk. Making use of large overhangs to keep rain off the buildings corners, the design’s arrow like shape provides direction in a beautiful building that welcomes 300,000 visitors a year.

Photography by Micheal Elkin


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