accessories: eye of the world designs

recycled wood jewelry by eyes of the world designs

“Eye of the World Designs have tapped into the timeless handcraft that has given style a truly intimate touch this season.” – EOTWD website

Eye of the World have taken reclaimed wood into the world of avant garde fashion. Based in Peckham, SE London the company is the combination of Liam Motyer and Hope Von Joel; traditional woodworking skills on the one hand and fashion design flair on the other. Provocative and unique, the pieces are made largely with recycled materials. Their collection includes buckles, hats and belts and the company has also been commissioned for several interesting one-off wood additions to European fashion shoots. The exquisite craftsmanship that goes into each piece really makes them stand out allowing them to achieve their dual aim of creating fashion accessories as well as stand alone objects of art.


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