furniture / accessories: Daniel Moyer

wood furniture and accessories by daniel moyer

“I made my first long board in 1978 out of plywood veneer and fiber glass. It was strangely bouncy and some fat kid jumped up and down on it UNTIL it broke. The next one I made was solid oak” – DM website

We first came across Daniel Moyer’s skateboards before learning they were made from the cut-offs from his furniture business. Brooklyn based and previously part of Brooklyn Designs, he is as an ideas man. His portfolio consists of one offs and prototypes of varying designs of complexity in their ancient techniques and elaborate joinery, and is balanced and complimented by the sleek flair of the Funkin Function Longboards. With years of experience as a maker in NY he continues to create new and relevant pieces such as the sustainable and recently exhibited I Would Do Backsprings 4 You chair. Slow furniture done this well is always worth waiting for. |


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