furniture: hilla shamia

wood design by hilla shamia

“I have noticed that people build strong emotional connection with objects that are imperfect. Objects with an imprint of time passed and usage enable us to create a profound relation.” – HS

We were immediately struck by the work of Hilla Shamia last week when it was exposed during Milan’s design week and we had to contact and feature the designer. An Israeli product designer who has previously experimented with both natural motion in her Glazed Bubble work or the holistic properties of wood in her Rocking horse, the wood casting is inspired by the unique and imperfect beauty of nature, driven by an exploration of the processes that pass through materials like rust or natural decay. The result combines cypress wood with smoldering aluminium, creating a functional piece that incorporates the naturally fused connection between the materials – visually striking both in the burnt wood interface and the molten metal running into the wood’s cracks. This moment of time sits arrestingly in a piece that is both defined and finished on the one hand and incomplete and random on the other.

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