interior design: Zwei Interiors Architecture

wood interior design by zwei

“There is certainly a strong trend in design to reconnect to the natural world and the idea of sustainable wood products soothes the modern conscience.” – Zwei

Australian architecture and interior design is providing us with many examples of creative and sustainable solutions with wood. One commercial project that caught our eye was a pizzeria in Victoria by Zwei, a small team based in Melbourne who combine creativity, experience and a pragmatic approach to design problems. We asked them about wood in design and they acknowledged a trend towards nature where wood provides an aesthetic, versatile as well as renewable solution. As for sustainability they encourage a more holistic and mufti-faceted consideration of it’s meaning, involving amongst other things economics and pragmatism, noting a product or material available locally also offers benefits, as does something very durable and that can be easily recycled again. For Zwei sustainably sourced plywood is used because of it’s endless versatility whilst narrative also plays an influencing role in their design for its history and uniqueness achieved through things like reclaimed timber. The pizzeria achieves a playful and colorful take of a traditional take-away restaurant with plywood dominating surfaces throughout.

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