Sawkill Lumber and the 12 x 12 project

reclaimed lumber by sawkill

“The material culture of these lost buildings will be renewed by contemporary design – a transformation that reflects the magic of New York” – Sawkill on the 12 x 12 project

The Sawkill Lumber company have been reclaiming materials in the New York City area and re-manufacturering them to architectural specification for over 30 years. Naming themselves after the original sawmill in Manhatten in 1663 the company has an impressive stocklist, going to a high degree of effort to deconstruct not only buildings but the story behind them, holding a high degree of regard for the presentation of historical fact. Their loglog page is devoted to buildings, addresses, wood and connects the dots downwards through the ages of the roots of wood used in various design projects. They also provide the wood for the 12 x 12 project, organized and sponsored by Sawkill Lumber that supplies 12 furniture makers from NY with lumber from 12 demolished buildings. The pieces will be auctioned off with proceeds going to benefit woodworking education and job training in New York. We love everything about this project and are excited to be attending it during our trip to NY. |


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