furniture: Phloem Studio

wood furniture - desk by Phloem Studio

“When we’re not making things we drink coffee, talk shop and support each other here in our little warehouse in the shadow of the Fremont bridge” – PS Blog

Portland shows true spirit; finely echoed in the work and blog of Phloem Studio. It’s only amongst certain cultures – large or small – that certain things are possible, and as we read through Phloem Studio interviewing, featuring and displaying the work of other designers in their building – including bags, upholstery, soap and other furniture makers – we couldn’t help but feel reminded of the way micro-enterprise should and could function. There are many proven example of its benefits, it’s just not always easy to collectivize it, and if you have a chance the blog speak volumes as it presents reality, not theory. Phloem goes for elegant and timeless in their design and value craftsmanship by creating pieces to last. Maybe it’s the building, maybe the city and maybe this can work on a larger scale; regardless we get the sense they’ve tapped into something kind of special.


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