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wood accessories by kmkg studio

“The production of an iTree starts with the careful picking of a tree from a sustainably managed forest and ends with the installation of the technical components. In between is a lot of manual production and special experience” – KMKG Studio

Austrian interdisciplinary studio KMKG recently exhibited at ICFF where we were able to see first hand the itree, a tree trunk mixed with high end audio equipment that can deliver sound to places with a capacity as high as 200 people. As well as the choice of wood, customers are even able to drive into the forest and pick the trunk themselves. Believing good design is based on experience, it’s personal, it has a “Heimat” (“home”) and has as little design as possible the studio has applied their hands to a large variation of projects always seeking to challenge norms and push boundaries. Whilst wood design forms part of their broader spectrum the itree sits at the cross section of their philosophy and our discovery.

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