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wood acrhitecture by stelle architects

“We set out to marry sustainable design principles with a modern and inquisitive spirit that reflects the legacy of experimental design” – SA website

Frederick Stelle founded Stelle Architects in 1985 and has since completed a number of recognized properties – specializing in beach houses or second homes – largely in the Long Island area, the coast of which marries a beachy, wind swept landscape with famed locations such as the Hamptons. The firms architecture seeks to enhance and respect this environment by using long horizontal plains and minimal, clean, linear forms, creating residences of various shapes and sizes with a consistent non-invasive approach inspired by indigenous forms and materials. Whether newly built or renovating an existing property the process always incorporates the environment with strong attention paid to maximizing surrounding light, wind, views and careful renovation and re-use. Wood is an obvious compliment to their architectural style as framing, cladding, or internal finishing and often brings the architects dreams in clear and vital forms to life.


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