wood furniture by tri-lox

“The vision for a new generation of craftsmen that retains the tradition of quality handmade work while ethically working within emerging limitations due to a long history of imbalance with the earth.” – TL

At its core Tri-Lox takes the problem of the disposable economy, arguably at its peak in the urban process of renewal, and applies their own mix of sustainable building practices and crafstmanship, with a commitment to local character, economy, and low energy consumption. Founded in Brooklyn in 2009 by three long time friends Alexander Bender, Tim Knight, and Ellis Isenberg who grew up together in Minneapolis and latter found themselves in New York, they are another designer brought to our attention through the 12 x 12 project. Limited by materials, their designs start with the process of reclamation before design and production leading to an interesting portfolio of pieces and projects that run the gamut from high end to more accessible objects with some pianos thrown in for good measure.


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