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wood furniture by eternal

Eternal Furniture & Design is artisan Brian McAlpine’s unique blend of organic and modern design. Located just outside Boston, MA, Eternal focuses on one of a kind, handcrafted contemporary furniture. Emphasis is given to clean, minimalist lines and quality materials. Each piece is designed with traditional joinery and high attention to detail, building furniture that will stand the test of time. Every piece of furniture is unique, and designs are influenced by the wood itself. Wood is hand selected, highlighting grain and natural features of each board. Natural defects like cracks often showcase the organic nature of the wood and ensure no two pieces are the same.




How did you start and how long have you been designing?

In 2006 I started designing furniture. After graduating from engineering school I worked doing metal fabrication. While working with metal I gained an interest in working with wood. Since I really enjoyed it, I decided to learn how to make wood furniture. I attended North Bennet Street School, a prestigious traditional woodworking school in Boston. Soon after I opened Eternal Furniture & Design and now build high quality furniture.

wood furniture by eternal

How would you describe your design style?

Solid wood furniture with responsibly sourced materials. Each piece holds a unique blend of modern, simple, and organic elements that make it timeless.

What’s the most challenging aspect of making?

One of the things I believe in is protecting the environment and being earth conscious. Therefore, one of the biggest challenges is finding responsible sources for the materials used to make furniture.

wood furniture by eternal

What designs / designers do you get inspired by?

I am inspired by Mid-Century, Modern, and Minimalist design styles. My love for free formed, live edge furniture comes from the late George Nakashima.

Describe your views on sustainability?

Sustainability for me is focusing on working with locally sourced wood that is naturally fallen or urban harvested. Domestic North American hardwoods contain endless beauty, color and textures that can be used to create beautiful furniture.

wood furniture by eternal

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