furniture: misewell

wood furniture by misewell

“It’s almost less about the design than it is about the American consumer. I hope American consumers continue to become more conscious of the aesthetic, quality and environmental impacts of every product they purchase.” (On hopes for the future of American Design)

Sustainable, functional, honest, made in the USA; Misewell echoes many values of the contemporary North American independent furniture maker. Founded from a long standing conversation in Milwaukee between brothers Paul and Vincent Georgeson, they debuted at ICFF in 2009 and won best new designer for a since expanding line of furniture that takes the clean lines of wood, aluminum and steel and combines them to create functional furniture and lighting that are personable and understated. Their young and fresh design blends with a more traditional philosophy which makes for engaging furniture that’s built to last, demonstrating the importance of elements from both an industrial past associated with locally produced goods of durable quality and a contemporary vision of versatile, well-designed and functional furniture.


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