sculpture: lmbrjk

wood sculpture by LMBRJK

“Jon Kleinhample was formally trained as an architect in los angeles, a city defined by the film industry‚Äôs inertia towards visualizing dreams and radical forms … a pedigree first defined by the pursuit of geometric acrobatics, then by the rich appreciation inherent within understanding raw materials.”

LMBRJK is a Belgium based studio founded by American Jon Kleinhample. I don’t know what to like more about the currentness of this work and presentation; the animated GIFs, the instagram process shots, the flash site, the CAD based fabrication methods, but the results are stunning. His Trillip vase series is the result of reclaiming woods from Slovenia and cutting laser thin slices that layer into unique forms, inspired by the tulip. Currently appearing at jsx55 – a NY nocturnal gallery and in Slovenia at Cirkus Ofis, they represent a poignant mix of message, process, material and imagination.


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