Architecture & Furniture: The Fundamental Group

wood furniture by Fundamental Group

“There is a theory that the nearness of chaos, but it’s avoidance, gives force. We subscribe to this, and we also propose the inverse – that it is the nearness to order, but it’s avoidance, that gives beauty”

The Fundamental Group is a combination of Gunnar Ronsch & Stephen Molloy and goes beyond simply furniture to deliver a manifesto with their work. Fitting for architects and a firm that takes it’s name from a mathematical concept, principles and theory provide a strong guiding force – but like the crazier mathematician or more profound craftsman they also find a respect for chaos in their repertoire. Their pieces play with balance in more ways than one – aiming for enough complexity to allow lasting intrigue and and enough simplicity to blend into their settings for example, or being an adult expression of something that at it’s root is childlike and playful. And through a careful choice of materials and their dedication to form and pattern they achieve



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