sculpture: morgan herrin

wood sculpture by Morgan Herrin

“Rendered entirely in laminated construction-grade 2 by 4s, the material itself irreverently contradicts this classical allusion, and at the same time draws attention to our own culture’s reliance on the fast, cheap, and impermanent.”

Morgan Herrin is a sculptor from Virginia who revels in an uneasy balance between material and form; creating intricate sculpture of incredible labor and intensity where a closer inspection of the material – construction grade lumber – confirms a kind of incredulity; that sense of something very valuable from worthless beginnings. This is only enhanced by the choice of subject; classical portraits or figures of nobility combined with different kinds of nature referencing decay – cave structures or ocean creatures. It’s not clear which one is triumphing over the other and subsequently if the overall sense is positive or negative, but it’s clearly the means rather than the ends that draw in the mind and the scale, intricacy and arresting nature of his work have become highly sought after.


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