Scultpure: Dan Webb

Dan Webb - Profile

“Despite its (carvings) firm footing inside the art world, it maintains one foot placed equally firmly outside of it”

Dan Webb is a Seattle based artist who carves distinctive wood sculptures that clearly, by nature, aim to go below the surface and portray complex ideas. In his writing lays some clues to the explanation of what these might be. In one section on the more deconstructive strands of postmodernism – that rule out objective realities and question the attribution of meaning to any modern creation – he asks what matters; seeing his work as a response to this way of thinking by containing something important. In another he recounts his reasons for carving, offering a sense of the freedom that the medium brings often due to its existing inside and outside of many frameworks – old/new, traditional/moderm/post-modern. His work then seems to recognize the Foucaldian idea that we are all trapped inside of our own cages, and his carvings, perhaps, are an optimistic attempt to break out of it.


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