furniture: objeti

Objecti - Marionette

“Everything [made here in the family shop] is a part of something bigger, I realized that furniture design could become a bunch of little parts of something bigger”

Objeti is unusual in many ways for a US design company – not least because it’s composed of a collaboration between two brothers and a father. The company name translates from Slovenian to Embrace and their furniture won an Editor’s Award for New Designer at ICFF in their first appearance in 2010. Based in Cleveland, their 2011 Syrup Collection of maple objects and 2012 products of various material and functionality create an impressively diverse portfolio in furniture, lighting and products full of creative touches. Given the tough test in the recent economy their accomplishments are no mean feat, echoed by a fastco article on the company, but they also prove that good design, engineering, vision and dedication will always be viable roots of an enterprise.


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