5 Questions with Geoffrey Lilge

wood accessories by geoffrey lilge

We’re excited to be adding to our range of kitchen accessories from Geoffrey Lilge. His products characterize hard work and the results of testing his products for functionality and versatility in an award winning restaurant. Growing up in his mother’s workshop allowed him to appreciate the passionate spirit of the craftsperson, and led to his career as an industrial designer and manufacturer, first with his own partnership and later on his own. His products are a complimentary mix of the sustainable and tactile qualities of craft-studio production alongside a constant striving to make things work better in some way.




How did you start and how long have you been designing?

My mother was a woodworker so I grew up around tools, making some of my own toys and such. I studied Industrial Design at the University of Alberta and a group of us started a co-op shop as soon as we finished. We started making and having shows, and then selling. That was twenty years ago.

wood accessories by geoffrey lilge

How would you describe your design style?

Hard working.

What’s the most challenging aspect of making?

Naming products. Numbers would be so much simpler.

wood accessories by geoffrey lilge

What designs / designers do you get inspired by?

Plenty I suppose; Magistretti, Dieter Rams, Wegner….

Describe your views on sustainability?

It would be great to see more of the items we use everyday made in North America, but you see the same pattern over and over again … young company makes a great product in their backyard, and quickly moves everything offshore, and it comes back not so great. Someone should create a Makers Code of Ethics.

wood accessories by geoffrey lilge

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