• Woodsport - lamps

    Furniture: Woodsport

    “I relish subtle details that are executed with perfect craftsmanship. I love mixing modern with rustic, balancing clean lines with something rough, jagged or naturally distressed.”

  • koostik - feature

    5 Questions with Koostik

    “The most challenging aspect of working in wood for me is my desire to use a specific piece to it’s best advantage- paying attention to movement in the grain, to coloring, and how light plays on the finished surfaces”

  • chadhaus - feature

    5 Questions with Chadhaus

    “The most challenging aspect of making furniture for us is to make it look effortless. Particularly with the simple compositions we use, I think in a sense the pieces look easy to make, but they’re not!”

  • 15 - Sphere Table

    wood design || desks

    Some conceptual and beautiful desks that allow those sitting at them to dare to dream

  • wood sculpture by Aron Demetz

    Sculpture: Aron Demetz

    “Wood is the direct fruit of the Earth, it is the mark of a marriage with its own territory, it is feeling part of a landscape, it is the reference to a cosmic dimension that art, at times, is able to decipher”

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Art & Scuplture: Brian Nash Gill

“I find a lot of my materials by accident. The sense of discovery is exciting that way and gives the objects bigger meaning. I am always looking”

Casa el Pangue by Elton Leniz Arquitectos Asociados via Yatzer

This Week in Wood Design

The best from around the web – this week in Wood Design

10 - Petting Farm by 70F Architecture via Knstrct

wood design || residential architecture

Wood as a central component of Residential Architecture

wood design by Vij5

Furniture: VIJ5

“NewspaperWood does not aim to be a large scale alternative to wood, nor to use all paper waste into a new material. The main theme in the project is ‘upcycling’ with which we show how you can change a surplus of material into something more valuable by using it in another context”

wood accessories by geoffrey lilge

5 Questions with Geoffrey Lilge

“It would be great to see more of the items we use everyday made in North America, but you see the same pattern over and over again … young company makes a great product in their backyard, and quickly moves everything offshore, and it comes back not so great. Someone should create a Makers Code of Ethics”